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pharmaceutical grade, food grade, indstrial grade
  • CAS Number 10016-20-3
  • Molecular Formula C36H60O30
  • Molecular Weight 973.00
  • Package:500 grams/bag,1 kg/bag,2 kg/ bag,10 kg/barrel
  • Function: corrosion inhibitor, electroless nickel plating,nutrition supplements
  • Application: pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food and green products.
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    It has the same application capabilities with β-cyclodextrin, while α-cyclodextrin has a better water solubility, the solubility of α-cyclodextrin in water is 12.7g/100ml at room temperature of25 , while the water solubility of β-cyclodextrin is only1.88g/100ml. Therefore α-cyclodextrin has a greater range of applications.

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