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Seebio Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. mainly engages in business of fine chemicals, food additives, APIs and intermediates, import and export of chemical reagents, instruments and lab supplies, as well as wholesale and retail services in Chinese mainland market.

We're looking forward to being a distributor of your company to explore the giant Chinese market jointly.

Our advantages are as follows:
1. Focusing on integrity, Seebio strictly implements the agency agreement and safeguard the interest of manufacturers, which earned a good reputation.
2. We have operated distribution business over a decade and owned agencies in major capital cities. Our sales network is wide and smooth as well.
3. A professional and quick-response team helps the customer solve any technical problem ASAP and seize any potential business opportunities.
4. Seebio has a series of marketing means. In addition to traditional telemarketing, catalog mail, exhibition sales etc., network promotion is our specialty.
5. Beside a good marketing, we rank highly on customers’ requests. We collect and summarize customers’ suggestion and comments, and feedback to the manufacturer in time, which helps to improve their product and upgrade their service.

Your ambitious, definitely will not let the largest potential bio market in the world – China mainland laissez-faire. Please click to fill THE LETTER OF INTENT FOR SALES COOPERATIONonline, or download and complete Seeking distriutor in Chinese Market.PDF and List of Products to be distributed.xls, then fax to 86 21 5027 2982 or email to; or fyland@seebio.cnas an attachment. We promise to keep customer’s confidentiality strictly. (See PRIVACY POLICY). Seebio’s service will contact you within 24 hours. Please tip us again by email or online submission if a reply is not recieved within 3 business days.