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Seebio Hydrolyzed Albumin,a Water-soluble Protein

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Item number: DCL0003D
Grade: 50%
Overview: Albumin Hydrolysate is a clear, 50% aqueous solution of highly purified albumin. It is extensively employed in diagnostic applications to safeguard antigens and antibodies in liquid formulations, as well as to enhance the stability of immunological and biochemical reagents. This product effectively stands in for substances such as Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), Newborn Calf Serum (NBS), and Casein, among others.
Product Features:
Easily soluble in water;
Low molecular weight protein, high bioactivity;
Low antigenicity.
Blocking and stabilizing solutions: Albumin Hydrolysate serves as an effective blocking and stabilizing agent in various applications, including enzyme-labeled antigens and antibodies.
Diluent and stabilizer for enzyme-labeled antigens and antibodies: By acting as a diluent and stabilizer, Albumin Hydrolysate helps maintain the stability and activity of enzyme-labeled antigens and antibodies during storage and transportation.
Positive control, protein and enzyme diluent and stabilizer: Albumin Hydrolysate can be used as a positive control, as well as a diluent and stabilizer for proteins and enzymes in various diagnostic and research applications.
Recommended Usage: Albumin Hydrolysate is typically used at a concentration range of 1-5%.
Quality Parameters
Shape and properties
Yellow viscous liquid