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PTFE nano film for N95 mask

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Mask is a kind of sanitary product, which is generally used to filter the air entering the mouth and nose by wearing it on the mouth and nose, so as to block harmful gases, smells and droplets from entering and leaving the mouth and nose of the wearer.

Masks generally use physical electrostatic adsorption technology to filter solid particles, but electrostatic adsorption masks have a disadvantage: when static electricity is added, it is not always saturated. In every link of mask production, packaging, delivery, transportation, and opening to consumers, the electrostatic content in the non-woven fabric layer will gradually reduce, and the electrostatic attenuation is inevitable , therefore, it can only be used once.

Recently, the Chinese society of composite materials proposed a new development direction of epidemic prevention - Nano masks. Nano mask has become an effective medical protective mask due to its high filtering performance. Similar to traditional medical masks, nano masks also include outer layer, middle layer, inner layer, ear hook, nose clip and other parts. The special feature of the nano mask is that the middle layer is made up of nano film with smaller aperture (100-200nm), which is generally made up of PTFE film.

Seebio biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a comprehensive supplier of new materials, has the national class II medical device business qualification and specializes in providing medical grade PTFE nano film

Figure 1: PTFE film mask

1Performance comparison between PTFE film and melt blown non-woven fabric

The hole distribution rate of PTFE film is close to 99%, and the diameter of mask fiber and hole is about 100-200nm. Compared with the traditional melt blown non-woven fabric, it has obvious advantages. (we have a complete set of technology of film pore forming, which can adjust the required hole size according to the customer's requirements).

PTFE nano film

Melt blown fabric

Homogeneous PTFE nanofibers

Micron fiber of non-woven fabric

DiameterAbout 100-200nm

DiameterAbout 3-10μm



Physical interception

Physical interception and electrostatic adsorption

Fold thickness 0.2 CM

Fold thickness 1.5CM

Low filter differential pressure

High filter differential pressure

Aging resistant and radiation resistant

Ageing easily

High and low temperature resistance

Narrow operating temperature range

Humidity tolerance

Humidity tends to make static electricity invalid

2Performance comparison between PTFE mask and traditional mask

a. Good filtration performance and higher barrier efficiency: for the fine particles with a diameter of 75Nm, the filtration performance is over 95%, reaching the standards of N95 and KN95.

b. It has a longer service life and can be recycled: PTFE medical protective mask can withstand repeated treatment of boiling water, 84 disinfectant, alcohol, etc. it can be used for a long time and can be recycled for more than 20 times.

c. Breathe more easily and freely when wearing: PTFE film has a three-dimensional structure, with breathability unmatched by other protective materials, and no sense of moisture for a long time.

3 Case of PTFE film mask

The N95 cup mask (8000), which is made of PTFE film as raw material, which can block solid particles of 0.075 μ m at least. Both the protective performance and the wearing comfort exceed KN95 and N95 standards.

4 PTFE film product specification

Product name

PTFE nano film for N95 mask


Seebio biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Place of Origin


Product materials


Product specification

Width: 17.5cm, length:1050m, average volume: 183m2, 4.3kg/volume, 2 volumes / box.

The appendix :Product inspection report

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