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Astaxanthin microencapsulated 2% powder(CWS)

  • CAS Number 472-61-7
  • Molecular Formula C40H52O4
  • Molecular Weight 596.86
  • Package:1kg/bag, 5Kg/bag
  • Function: antioxidant
  • Application: Nutraceuticals,Aqua & Animal Feed ,Cosmetics,Food & Beverages
  • Tags: Antioxidant
    Astaxanthin CWS Powder is a dark red, free-flowing powder of micronized astaxanthin manufactured by the proprietary microencapsulation technology, developed for beverages and premixes.

    Astaxanthin microencapsulated powder


    Description: Red or dark red powder, cold water soluble(CWS)

    General Specification:2%,2.5%,3%

    Application:Food, Beverage, Dietary Supplement

    Package:1kg/5kg aluminium bag

    CAS Number: 472-61-7
    Molecular Formula: C40H52O4
    Molecular Weight: 596.86
    Storage and Handling: Store in a cool dry place, protected from light, heat and oxygen. The preferred storage temperature is below 10°C.
    Shelf Life: Two years in the original package. It is recommended to use the entire content after opening.

    Recommended Applications and suggested doses are as follows

    The reference dose (as astaxanthin)
    Seebio®Astaxanthin microencapsulated powder

    Solid beverage
    3-10 mg/bag
    Pressed candy, Gel candy, Soft-centered candy
    6 mg/grain
    Effervescent tablets
    2-6 mg/tablet
    Nutritional Paste,Meal replacement powder
    9 mg/bag
    Functional drink
    2-6 mg/250ml
    Protein powder
    0.6-0.9 g/kg

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