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food grade, feed grade, health grade
  • CAS Number 127-40-2
  • Molecular Formula C40H5602
  • Molecular Weight 568.85
  • Package:1KG\5KG\20KG
  • Function: protect eyes,antioxidant, alleviate visual fatigue symptoms
  • Application: widely used in food, medicine, health products, cosmetics and feed
  • Tags: Antioxidant Nourishing Heart Anti Tumor Anti fatigue

    Lutein is nutrient which can be absorbed by eating fruits and vegetables in human daily life while the utilization rate is very low, If lutein is lacked, it can be replenished with supplements.

    Lutein is a kind of important antioxidant, one member of the carotenoid family (a group of natural fat soluble pigment found in plants), it is also called "plant lutein", it coexists with zeaxanthin in the nature.

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