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    Indirect immunoenzyme assay to test antibodies against SARS-COV-2 in human serum/plasma.

    • Complete solution IgG and IgM+IgA kits available.
    • The combination of IgM+IgA significantly improves the sensitivity of the kit.
    • Common protocol allows to perform IgG and IgM+IgA simoultaneously in the same run.
    • Suitable for automated ELISA systems.

    The ELISA method is based upon the reaction of antibodies in the sample tested with the antigen adsorbed on the polystyrene surface. Unbound immunoglobulins are washed off. An enzyme-labelled anti-human globulin binds the antigenantibody complex in a second step. After a new washing step, bound conjugate is developed with the aid of a substrate solution (TMB) to render a blue coloured soluble product which turns into yellow after adding the acid stopping solution

    • High performance and guaranteed stability with lyophilized conjugates when necessary.
    • Samples and controls are equally processed to compensate pippeting variability.
    • Colour-coded plates with individual break-apart wells.
    Coloured, ready-to-use liquid reagents.

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