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40% Hydroxypropyl - β–cyclodextrin aqueous solution

medicine grade, food grade, reagent grade, industrial grade
  • CAS Number 128446-35-5
  • Molecular Formula (C42H70O35)-HX+(C3H7
  • Molecular Weight 1431-1806
  • Package:25kg/drum,200kg/barrel
  • Function: get rid of ordor
  • Application: medicine,cosmetics,food
  • Tags: Functional excipient


    It can get rid of odor. It contains many volatile ingredients to make it more stable and not easily broken. It makes it easily fusible for the insoluble component. It’s widely used in medicine, washing cosmetics and food industry, because the product adopts a new technology and it is liquid, thereby reducing the cost, the price is far lower than the powdered product.


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