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Food Grade
  • CAS Number 68168-23-0
  • Molecular Formula C42H70O35.xH2O
  • Molecular Weight 1134.98 (anhydrous
  • EC Number 231-493-2
  • MDL number MFCD00150811
  • Package:5kg × 4 / Box ,5kg × 5 / Box
  • Function: eliminate odors and flavor,improve fragrance,stablize color,improve taste
  • Application: stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavoring agents in food, cosmetics industry
  • Tags: Functional excipient

    In food manufacturing, β-cyclodextrin is mainly used to eliminate odors and flavor, improve the fragrance and color stability, enhance the emulsifying ability and moisture resistance, and to Improve the taste of food. It’s a good stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavoring agents in  food, cosmetics industry.

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