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  • CAS Number 100403-19-8
  • Molecular Formula C34H67NO3
  • Molecular Weight 537.91
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    Natural ceramides are found both in plant and animal tissue. Ceramides are a major component (around half) of human skin composition.It’s a lipid (fat molecule) found in the outermost layer of the skin or epidermis.Ceramides derived from plants are called phytoceramides and can be found in several healthy foods, including brown rice, wheat germ, beets and spinach.There are several types of ceramides found in human skin. In the skin, ceramide works with saturated fatty acids as well as cholesterol to create a barrier that prevents water loss from skin. By preventing water loss, ceramides help to prevent dryness and protect the skin.  When the skin is lacking ceramides, it can lead to dryness and irritation. A lack of ceramides can contribute to increased symptoms of dry skin conditions like eczema and can also make signs of aging more likely or prevalent.
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