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Sodium Polyglutamate

  • CAS Number 28829-38-1
  • Molecular Formula (C5H7NO3)n.Na
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    Sodium polyglutamate is a sodium derivative of polyglutamic acid. Polyglutamic acid is found in the traditional Japanese food natto. γ-PGA is the main component of natto viscous colloid, which can promote the absorption of minerals. Because of its special molecular structure, it has a strong moisturizing ability, which can be added to cosmetics or care products, which can effectively increase the moisturizing ability of skin and improve skin health. Compared with hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic acid, HA), which is recognized as the most moisturizing agent, its moisturizing effect is 2-3 times higher than HA. Also, it has different molecular weights as well as HA.
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