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  • CAS Number 96702-03-3
  • Molecular Formula C6H10N2O2
  • Molecular Weight 142.16
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  • Function:
  • Application: cosmetic
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    Ectoin is derived from the active ingredient in a type of halophilic bacteria, so it is also called "halt-tolerant bacteria extract". Ectoin is the ingredient that keeps the bacteria active in extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature, and high uv rays. Ectodine can effectively improve the immune protection ability of skin cells, increase cell repair ability, so that the skin can effectively resist the invasion of microorganisms and allergens. Experiments have shown that ectodine can resist uv damage to the skin and repair cell DNA damage caused by UV. Due to its ability to relieve various stresses on the skin: uv damage, skin aging caused by dry conditions, skin deterioration caused by surfactants, ectodine has attracted much attention as a cell repair additive, which is added to cosmetics for the purpose of fighting skin aging. 
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